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A woman’s reproductive system and her journey from menarche to menopause are the most complex yet quite fascinating. There are various stages in the reproductive cycle of a woman which holds the immense potential to create life and overall well-being of her. With each phase of the reproductive cycle comes an array of reproductive issues that require the best gynaecologist in Gurgaon. This domain of human science has been of high interest amongst the scientists and doctors for study and evaluation. The women reproductive system is further bifurcated into two specialities which are gynaecology and obstetrics.
Gynaecology is the part of reproductive science that deals with non-pregnancy aspects in a woman’s reproductive well-being. A woman needs a gynaecologist right when she hits the puberty to the end of her reproductive cycle, also known as menopause and even beyond that. It is important to undergo a regular gynaecological examination to rule out any abnormality of your reproductive organs. the best gynaecologist in Gurgaon performs various tests such as Pap tests and routine pelvic examination for any of the given gynaecological issues.

Bacterial or yeast infections

Painful sexual intercourse

Cancer of the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and vagina

Prolapse where the pelvic organ pushes out forward or downward with the body, usually after the menopause.

Menorrhoea or other menstrual issues.

Vaginal and cervical polyps

Endometriosis (a condition where the uterine tissue grows outside the uterus)


Ovarian cysts

Apart from treating these medical conditions with medications, if needed a gynaecologist can perform surgeries for any of the given conditions. Some of these surgical procedures are


it is the procedure to remove the fallopian tubes.


it is the removal of the uterus. The example is in the case of uterine cancer to stop it from spreading


oophorectomy refers to the removal of Ovaries.

Cone biopsy

this procedure is done after the Pap test to remove the precancerous cells from the cervix.

Tubal ligation

this is the birth control surgery that is permanent in nature, where the fallopian tubes are tied.


in this process, the external genitalia is reshaped mainly for cosmetic enhancement purposes.


Obstetrics is a specialization that deals with taking care of a pregnant lady right from the conception to the parturition throughout the gestation. Obstetrics is trained in handling a myriad of all obstetric condition in women in both normal and complicated cases of pregnancy. Some of the common condition that is addressed by obstetrics are

Placental issues
High-risk pregnancies
Ectopic pregnancy where a fetus grows outside the womb.
High blood pressure, which is often a sign of pre-eclampsia
Caesarean section
Fetal distress for figuring out that the fetus is doing well during the pregnancy and while childbirth or not.

Some of the other services offered by your obstetrician are

Fertility treatment
Diagnostic procedures for the fetus.

If you are facing any gynaecological troubles or are facing issues relating to obstetrics then Sunrise IVF has the team of best gynaecologists in Gurgaon and obstetricians in Gurgaon who will address to all your problems and make your reproductive journey easy and pleasant. The clinic is headed by Dr. Sachinder Jain Nawal and is equipped with the latest technology and aims at providing an array of advanced treatment procedures like laparoscopy. For the best gynaecological care visit us or make an appointment online.