Most Important Things to Try Before Turning to IVF

When people hear the term "IVF" it is perceived in different ways by different people. Some know about in vitro fertilization from having experienced the process themselves or through different media. Some refer to the story of a family member/friend/acquaintance or any celebrity that had used the method. Some briefly know the basics of the process and some are completely against it because they don't know the exact facts related to it. This process is still not welcomed by some pseudo-liberals in society. It is absolutely certain that IVF can help you get pregnant, you may have to undergo more than one cycle in the entire which is emotionally very consuming as well as financially very expensive. In fact, most of the women remain worried about how much they need to pay and how will they pay for treatments. If you go with the facts, then there are important things that one needs to try before turning to an IVF. Get your male partner's sperm checked by a specialized doctor- up to half of infertility cases are due to male infertility factor. Although, many men do not accept or realize the fact. If someone has an issue of getting pregnant then it is better to have your partner's semen. This analysis gives you the data that are extremely important to get pregnant like sperm count, motility, volume and the shape of sperm.

We give you a prescription for a fertility medication like Clomid to stimulate ovulation. This process ultimately increases fertility after a certain period of time and you may get the desired result. Taking some supplements- If you have a healthy routine and you do some exercise regularly then there are some supplements available which can improve your fertility. You can take a prenatal vitamin that has 400 micrograms of folic acid every day to prevent neural tube defects, which can develop before you even get a positive pregnancy test. But consider taking a coenzyme Q10 supplement too, which is effective to improve fertility. Track your cycle. There are a lot of android apps available through which you can track your periods and the length of your cycles. You need to analyze then ten days after the first day of your period and figure out when do you ovulate. You can use the ovulation predictor kit. Let it go. You and your partner's bond is really important and how both of you handle the things. The emotional well-being of you and your partner is very important at the time of conceiving. You and your partner need to resolve all the issues and eradicate all sort of grudge and resentments if exist. You and your partner may want the baby but there is required to be a balanced relationship. You need to have a close bond that gets transmitted to your baby and comes out a baby of pure love. Eat a plant-based diet. This diet is useful for anybody especially for a woman those with fibroids, estrogen dominance and hormonal problems, in particular, must consider it. One also needs to avoid meat and dairy products which directly affect the fertility of the women. During the treatment, Sunrise IVF specialists will prescribe the best diet for you and you just need to follow it strictly and not worry about anything else. There are some other small things that are worth considering like one needs to eliminate coffee. Infertility is a stressful matter but having stress affects fertility. A woman under the tons of stress is less likely to get pregnant. Once you are trying these methods, you need to be patient and keep trying. At Sunrise IVF, we provide the best care and we’ve always had our success bar high. One can close their eyes and trust on us, our treatment will get the best out of it.