5 Things You Must Do Before Your 1st Visit to a Fertility Clinic

If you are facing problems in conceiving, you are not alone. Many couples experience difficulty in having a baby. This is where fertility clinics come to your rescue. Infertility is the inability to achieve pregnancy over a period. If the woman is below 35 years, this period is one year and is six months otherwise. There are many apprehensions about visiting a fertility clinic. Some reel from the fact that they could not conceive, some get terrified about findings and the decisions they would have to make, while they are feeling embarrassed. The SunriseIVF clinic is one of the best fertility centers in Gurgaon and Faridabad. The doctors and support staff are extremely compassionate and understanding. Backed by world-class facilities, the latest technology, and highly skilled doctors, SunriseIVF has earned a name. Excellent outcomes, more than satisfied patients, and high success rate talk much about the quality of services and treatments. There is a wealth of information about fertility clinics making it difficult to distinguish facts from positive rhetoric. The following information will help you have a leg up before walking in the door.

Try conceiving naturally

It is perfectly normal for it to take several cycles to get pregnant. If you are not above 36 or are not already aware of infertility, there is absolutely no issue in waiting for a year. You should find the optimum time of the month when the likelihood of fertilization is maximum. Good sperm frequency is also essential. Finding the right time and having unprotected sex every 2-3 days can help you conceive naturally.

Get screened

Fertility clinics cannot treat you if you have an active infection. Of you decide to go for fertility treatment, it is important to get screened for various infections. Even if you have been taking regular testing, go for a thorough screening before stepping into a fertility clinic. There are certain tests like HIV, hepatitis B, and C which is mandatory before taking fertility treatment. Make sure that you get these tests done not more than three months of the treatment starts.

Know the success rate of the clinic/doctor

This is a chapter of your life that connects you to your dream of a family. It is crucial to have a bond of trust and care with the doctor and team who are leading you towards your goal. More often success rates are confusing and may not necessarily give accurate information. Figures and graphs talk nothing about the type of cases, complications, and age of couples treated by a center. Therefore evaluate the clinic and the doctors by asking the questions that are pertaining to you.

Check lab standards

A lot happens in the laboratories during the fertility treatments and IVF development. Intrigued biology is practiced to take care of the extremely sensitive embryos. They are also highly susceptible to temperature changes and oxygen levels. Make sure that the clinic you are selecting is powered with the latest technology and exceptionally skilled staff.

Evaluate budget clinics

Fertility treatments are often a bit expensive. Some clinics offer surprisingly low-cost treatments. Understand that reduction in cost cannot be achieved without compromising the quality of the treatment. Many clinics offer package deals. Evaluate your condition, expectations, and offer of the clinic meticulously before moving in with them.
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