Tips and Tricks to Getting Pregnant

If you decide to become a parent, waiting would be the last thing you want. There have been many opinions around the right way of getting pregnant. People talk of hundreds of things to do and not to do. Some also consider it a matter of chance. While Mother Nature plays a role in timing, it is not completely by chance thing. Understanding of female reproductive cycle demystifies the procedure and increases your chances of getting pregnant. The SunriseIVF clinic, one of the top fertility centers in the region, has an experienced team of doctors. It is a one-spot solution for comprehensive treatment and care related to pregnancy. You will get excellent pre-pregnancy guidance about the care you should take to boost your chances.

Get a preconception check-up

Get a thorough check-up done before your official start trying. If you have any underlying medical problem, you need to have it fully controlled before conceiving. You may have to bring about certain changes in your daily life to ensure a safe pregnancy. There are some vitamins and minerals like folic acid which are crucial in protecting against birth defects. Although they work during early pregnancy stages, you need to have enough before getting pregnant.

Know your cycle

Knowing your menstrual cycle can make it easy to get pregnant. It helps you identify the right time for intercourse to get pregnant. You can be watchful about your ovulation. Women having a 28 days cycle usually start ovulating on the 14 th day. However, the cycle length varies and so does the occurrence of ovulation. You need to be more careful if you have been using birth control. In such cases, it is better to wait until you get one period.

Stay in bed after intercourse

It is a good idea to stay in bed for 10 to 15 minutes after intercourse. It increases your chance of getting pregnant. There are many myths around this practice which says you need to lift your leg. However, this is not true. Just lay in bed. This gives enough time to the sperm to get into the cervix. Also, do not go to the bathroom during this time.

Don’t overdo

It is not necessary to have sex everyday during ovulation. This in no way increases your chances of conceiving. Having sex every other day or once in 2-3 days is enough. A sperm stays in your body for around five days. For that reason, it is suggested to have intercourse regularly irrespective of your ovulation period.

De-stress yourself

Stress can interfere with ovulation. The idea of getting pregnant also triggers stress for many couples. You can choose any way to de-stress yourself as long as it is healthy. You can opt for meditation, yoga, acupressure, etc. Avoid measures like alcohol, smoking, or anything that can adversely affect your health.

Live a healthy life

Exercising regularly and eating wisely is always considered a healthy living regime. However, if you are trying to get pregnant, you need to watch your exercise routine. Keep yourself active without exerting you too much. Also, eat healthily and avoid anything that builds up toxins in your body.
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